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                Website Design for Therapists

                Web designs built exclusively for therapists by therapists

                Imagery that Connects

                A picture says a thousand words.

                Spread the Word

                Tell the world about yourself!

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                From November 2019 we will no longer be actively running our website design service for therapists.

                This decision has been made as a result of our own clinic becoming inundated with therapy clients leaving insufficient time to manage this stream of our business.

                We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

                Paul and Joan Lee.

                Flexible Website Designs for All Budgets

                Premium Website Design

                20 page website design designed and built around a selection of beautifully pre-engineered layouts and personalised with all of your business details.

                Starting from £599.

                Premium+ Website Design

                40 page website designs with much more content designed to provide a higher level of optimisation and drive more traffic to your business.

                Starting from £1,199

                Bespoke Web Design

                Our Bespoke web design service is reserved for those therapists who want us to design a website from first principles.

                Divi allows us to build almost any design you can imagine!

                Quoted Individually.

                Hypnotherapy Plus Website Design

                Our flagship website design for Hypnotherapists is based on our own very successful website and contains 65+ pages of highly optimised hypnotherapy content designed to drive high volume of local traffic.

                From £899.

                Hypno-Band Web Design

                10 page websites for licensed Hypno-Band practitioners. Therapy Webs have been procviding dedicated hypnoband websites since 2010.

                Starting from £299.

                Standard Website Features

                These standard features come with?all of our designs.

                Web Mail 5

                All website designs include your own 'domain specific' web mail portal for receiving & sending e-mails.

                Social Media

                All designs can be conected to your social media streams including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

                Web Stats

                Full access to website statistics & performance via your own control panel.


                Content Management

                Built with WordPress so that you can add, edit and change anything you want to.


                Built-in Blog

                Every site has its own Blog page for you to create posts and articles to improve web traffic & engagement.


                All page content fully optimised for your services and location. Yoast SEO plugin included with every site.

                Additional Web Design Services

                Website & Marketing Enhancements

                WP Migration

                No matter how old your website is, we can scrape the content and migrate your site onto a WordPress Platform.

                Facebook Banners

                We can create a correctly sized Facebook Banner based on your website design for brand consistency.

                Web Hosting

                If you need hosting services for your website, we can help with our cloud based hosting servers.

                SEO Submission

                We can submit your website address and sitemap to over 200 search engines including Google & Bing.

                SMTP E-mail

                A step up from using webmail, SMTP e-mail allows you to use 3rd party software such as MS Outlook.


                If you need any images tweaking or modifying we can help. Access our photoshop services here.

                Social Capital

                All of our website designs come with social media connections for improved visitor traffic and engagement.

                Take Control of Your Content

                All Therapy Webs designs are built using the World’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) WordPress. You can choose to add, change or delete your own content or leave it all up to us. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help.

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